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Wednesday, January 21, 2015
By Mary Campos
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Retouching your casting photos can make your photos go from ordinary, to great. Retouching photos gives you the chance to brighten your eyes, correct facial blemishes, clean up or enhance your hair, or correct any shadows or lighting that may make your photo less captivating. Your casting photo should represent the best image of you. Don’t go to extremes, your retouched photo should still look like you. When you hold the photo next to you in the mirror it should just look like you're looking your absolute best. Some people feel that retouching your casting photos is a big no-no. Why should you? The majority of Hollywood celebrity photos are retouched to enhance their lips, eyes, eyebrows, and skin. You should find a headshot retoucher that understands the importance of your needs. Your photographer understands how to take the photo, but a retoucher understands how to make that photo look the most appealing. Remember, retouching your casting photos is a common practice and essential to your success.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013
By Nova
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$25 Basic Retouching

The first thing an actor should do is look for an experienced professional retoucher with several years of experience working on headshots. A retoucher with this type of background will know exactly how to communicate with an actor regarding the amount of retouching needed. Retouching of course is a subjective field, is it too much retouching? is it too little? What defines the fine line between what's right and what's not good is experience. Check out the retoucher's website and see their samples of before and afters, get a feel for his style of retouching. The general consensus is that a 'natural' looking retouched image yields the best results online and at auditions. Do you prefer a sit down with a retoucher? make sure the retoucher is experienced with taking directions and keeping things natural. With sitting down you gain the advantage of having your image ready as you leave, contact a local retoucher and ask if they do a sit down. You should look for these qualifications and experience for your headshot retoucher.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
By Nova
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Retouching is done every day in the world of Hollywood. Expert retouchers are needed to perfect the stars’ look.  Did you really think the celebrities look as perfect as they appear? Thank the experienced retouchers that make the stars look incredibly beautiful and as perfect as they do. Acne, blemishes, skin highlighting, body and face slimming are just a few things that can be retouched in order to get the desired look.

Some entertainers seem much younger in photos than they do in real life. It isn’t magic, it’s just the beauty of retouching. View some before and after photos to see the extent of changes of some of the most famous stars. You will easily recognize stray hair removal, resizing and the removal of wrinkles!

So no wonder why Hollywood is obsessed with retouching! If we all had retouchers on speed dial then we would have a nice portfolio of our own. Many celebrities are known to reshape their lips, enhancing eyelashes and eyebrows.

Next time you wake up looking less than your definition of perfect, don’t be so down. Celebrities are retouched with every photo, well unless it’s one of those “stars without makeup” photos. But even then, who knows? Retouching is a word used on a daily basis in Hollywood after every photo is snapped. Models, singers, actors, dancers all get their photos retouched.

So why is Hollywood obsessed with retouching?
Because glitz, glamour and perfection are words readily used in Hollywood, so you can thank the amazing retouchers behind those photos that make the stars look the way they do. Everyone is obsessed with celebrity beauty and this is why - retouching makes celebrities look PERFECT!

Now a days, retouching can create any photo style desired.  It is fun to watch before and after retouched photos. Go on and look. It’s fun!

Monday, July 01, 2013
By Nova
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Headshot Retoucher Cedric Gardner RetouchingFinding a qualified retoucher is vital to help you land a job. It is common for people to focus on a retoucher's before and after pictures to understand a particular retoucher's skill. Of course the final image can look impressive but there is more to a retoucher than proving skills with a before and after. 

What Do You Look For Other Than The Final Image To Determine Skills of a Retoucher?

A retoucher should offer more than just sending the client a final product. A qualified retoucher should have the expertise in providing good advice. This means explaining why they retouched certain areas and how it improved your photo. Expressing their vision on your image will provide you a more comfortable feeling about your headshots and images. Furthermore, a retoucher should always have a thorough understanding of what the client is expecting and looking for.

Skills of a good retoucher:

  • Honesty in skill level
  • Listening to client requests
  • Answering questions
  • Following direction
  • Showing Options

A retoucher should want to help clients achieve their desired photo. A happy client is a retouching client. Listening and taking the time to adjust requests and provide advice are skills that not all retouchers posses.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
By Nova
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Taking headshots is an exciting experience for anyone dreaming to get into the entertainment industry. The goal is to submit your headshots after you receive them whether online or in the mail from your photographer or Headshot Retoucher.

What Should I Do With My Headshots?

Getting the opinion of friends and family can be fun; however, getting advice from an actual professional might work better for you. Someone who is in the field better understands the nature of headshots and can help guide you in the right direction. Ultimately it is your decision because you know yourself best.

There are several things you can do with your headshots. You can send them out to agents, use them on your website, submit them to casting calls, place them on your Facebook, make postcards, business cards etc. Therefore, there are many things you can do with your fabulous new headshots.

Now we have learned there are many options for you, but the main question is it better to submit your headshots online or to mail them out to casting directors. It depends! Submitting headshots to casting calls is the most basic and acceptable thing to do. The basic reason to get headshots is to print them out on 8x10 photographic paper along with your resume and submit them. However many casting calls accept online submissions of headshots and resumes as well. If they do fantastic! The only thing about this is to make certain to submit a high quality file or it will backfire.

When in doubt ask. It is ok to ask the casting call of which they would prefer and go from there. Do not forget though, a high quality file with professional photography and retouching is important.